Internet marketing – a new era

Humor, Marketing and Internet – how technological change has given humor renewed purpose

It’s very exciting time to be in digital marekting.  Those brands that embrace change will enjoy new heights of creativity, inspiration, effectiveness and insigt. Even our sense of humor, a part of our nature that we don’t really question, is moving with the times.  We do know that humor is ther to stay and that we can expect plenty more of it.  Humor, like the Internet, connects us all.

How can we measure a great digital work?  does ‘old’ marketing methods still exist? what has happen to marketing in the internet era?  In a massive world of Digital Marketing, while we are sorounded with so many messages, marketers are often searching their ways, trying to figur out what will be the new, amazed, fashionable, the tomorrow marketing tool?

In my short jurney, trying to understand new terminology of ‘internet marketing’ and ‘socila media / social marketing’ etc,. I have found some very nice article, which I will try to bring you some notes and outcomes.

Following is a short quote from Dennis Hurley, a Creative Strategist at Tribal DDB, Sydney, from his article “Humor, Marketing and the Internet” : “The true measure of a great digital work were its emotive power.  The link between emotive power adn business growth is clear.

The benefit of Humor: Humor has been a vital part of marketing for a long time.  humor help extend your reach.  As we all aware, everyone on the web has the ability to quickly and easily share content with others.  Humor has the ability to earn large audience through the emplifying effect of social connectivity.    Humor reduces dependence on Incentives, if you make sure your audience at your web page enjoying what they’re doing and can keep them laughing, you’ll have enough of their attention.  Humor also reduces dependence on Production Valeus.  Factors lind speed, personalization and relevance to the users become increasingly important.  we’ll be looking for simpler, more direct wyas to express brand identity.

Google – a brand with sense of humor:    one brand that recongmizes the improtance of humor in the digital era is Google.  Google has injected fun and humor into its personality to helo counter these perceptions.

Humor is enormously important adn beneficial aspect of brand marekting that has been used quitesuccessfuly on the web by companies.    So… how to execute Humor in Marekting?

Strategic Planning: BE BOLD. many strategists use analogies like “swinging for a home run” or “drilling for oil” – the outcome is uncertain untill the attempt ahs been made.  Be realistic about the likelihood of a project succeeding and take calculated risks, as apposed to limiting creative.

Briefing and production: Understand the Social Context.  Ensure that effort are made to understand the kinds of topics that gain traction.  test userfriendliness.  Humor requires you to keep your users suffilciantly relaxed to enjoy what thery’re doing with you.

After launch: Know that statistics are only half the picture.  everything is measurable now.  you should capture data whenever it is possible, thus, statistics measures make great KPI’s, you need to be watching the right statistics.


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